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"I feel great today!!! This is just going to be the best sports fair ever, cuddles! Belle, Animal Crossing

Gender: Female
Personality: Peppy
Species: Cow
Birthday: Unknown
Initial Phrase: "cuddles"
Initial Clothes: "Denim Shirt"
Pic Quote: N/A
Appearance(s): Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+

Belle (ミルク, Milk) is a cow villager with a peppy personality from the Animal Crossing series. Her names comes from the word "bell", which could be referencing to the item cows wear around their necks, called a "cow bell".


Belle is a white cow with black spots and she has orange horns. She has a brown muzzle. Belle's initial shirt is the denim shirt.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, Belle will have the tendency to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects such as appearing in competitions and the chance of her losing. This sometimes triggers her to ask for a certain item of clothing or furniture which she needs to enter a competition. She, like other peppy villagers, will rarely be discouraged from doing anything, including the usual hobbies. She will also have a short attention span, which means she will soon forget arguments or tasks given to the player which were not completed. Belle may ask the player; "Sooo, how am I dressed today?" The player is presented with a slide-bar indicating Kinda slobby... and Super formal! Moving the bar close to Super formal! will make her happy.


Belle's house has a country look to it. She has the cowhide rug and Bovide gyroids. Belle has cabana furniture. Belle's house also has K.K. Country playing, too.

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