Tom Nook
Tom Nook
Gender Male
Species Tanuki (Japan)
Racoon Other
Age 40
Service The Village Shop
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Tom Nook (たぬきち, Tanukichi) is the raccoon (Tanuki in Japan) that runs your village general store.



Timmy and Tommy with uncle Nook

When Nook was a child his best freind was Sable though when the Sable & Mabel parent's died. Sable wanted to run a shop in the city. Sable said she wanted to stay in the village and run the talior. So they took their serprat ways. But he didn't suceed so he goes back to the player's village and sets up his shop.

Starting OffEdit


A Nook trophy

When you first start your Animal Crossing adventure, Tom Nook will be the raccoon with an apron on. After you find the house that you would like to live in, Tom Nook comes running by and asks if you are satisfied with your home. He will then proceed to tell you that your mortgage is a whopping 19,800 Bells - which is a lot of money for a newcomer. Tom Nook will offer you a part time job to get to know the basics. Your first job will be meeting all villagers in the village and meeting the mayor. Once you finish that job, you must come back to his store and complete all of his other tasks. You must finish all the jobs he gives you to continue playing and enjoying the values of the game. Once you finish all his odd jobs, you will earn a small amount of money which will be used to decrease your mortgage payment. The more you pay off your home debt, the bigger your house will be.



Tom Nook at his job

Tom Nook sells all kinds of items, tools, flowers, furniture, and more. If you need these items, then Tom Nook's Shop is where you will find them. As the stores continue to upgrade, then you will notice that more items will be available to you, such as paint. He will also buy anything that you present to him, even though he will only give you 1/4 of what the object is truly worth. This is good if you fish or catch bugs a lot. Tom Nook is one of the most important people in the village, because without him you would have no one to sell or buy general items to.

Animal Crossing: The MovieEdit

Nook in the Movie

Tom Nook as he apeers in Animal Crossing: The Movie.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie he has a minor role. He first apeers when Ai moves into Animal Village. When Pelly suggest that he should go to old Nook for more detail. He makes Ai send stuff to other villagers in the village. He also plays a backround chacther in other scences of the film.